Buy, Borrow, Die Tax Strategy Course

Top Takeaways You Will Get From The Course


How the Buy, Borrow, Die tax strategy works and the key benefits


Understanding of how billionaires use this strategy to pay minimal taxes


How you can use this strategy yourself to build wealth and pay little to no tax


Detailed model that can help you implement Buy, Borrow, Die yourself

What The Course Covers

The course provides a detailed overview of the most important tax strategy – Buy, Borrow, Die. 

The course contains over 2.5 hours of content covering these topics in detail:

  • Overview of how the Buy, Borrow, Die tax strategy works
  • Explanation of how billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk use the strategy to make billions while paying little to no taxes
  • The ins and outs of SBLOCs and how to borrow against your stocks and bonds to increase returns
  • How to use the strategy with your business 
  • How you can use the strategy with real estate investments 


You will also have access to a detailed model that can help you implement Buy, Borrow, Die yourself. 

Who Should Take The Course?

The course is best for individuals who are accredited investors and have material investments. 

⚠️ This course is not recommended for the following people: 

  • Beginners to investing

  • People who have credit card debt, student loans, or other forms of bad debt 

  • Those who lack discipline and the ability to make long-term investments

  • People who use financial advisors to manager their investments

What Is The Investment To Take The Course?

If you want to build wealth and achieve financial freedom, this will be the best investment you will ever make. 

Course Investment = $125