Tax Strategy

Innovative strategies for minimizing taxes and building wealth 

We will work with you to develop a holistic approach to structuring your business operations and investments based on your specific situation and wealth building goals.


While we always recommend developing a tax strategy before starting operations or acquiring any assets, our professionals work with clients in all stages of operation or investment to design an approach to minimizing taxes and building wealth.

The key components to a holistic tax strategy:

Tax structure: Design an optimal structure, including the type of entity to use and the preferred tax treatment for each entity, to help you minimize taxes and build wealth

Business and Investment Goals: Take into account your goals for building wealth and business and investment objectives

Cash Flow Needs: Facilitate access to cash to satisfy your short-term and long-term cash flow needs

Asset Protection: Protect your assets from future claims 

Financing Considerations: Provide for efficient use of debt through maximizing interest deductions

Modeling: Tax modeling to compute the estimated tax impact under your structure

A tax strategy is the first key to success for any entrepreneur. Developing and updating your strategy is critical to the success of your business or investments and will provide flexibility to accomplish your goals and objectives.

Free Consultation
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Tax Structure
We design a tax structure for your business operations and investments that is customized to meet your needs.

We explain the tax strategy and key benefits of the structure.

We assist with documenting the structure and the key components of your new tax strategy .

Our services for helping you design a comprehensive tax strategy begin at $10,000.

See how our team can build a tax strategy to achieve your goals and maximize your income today.

International Tax Strategies


We can work with your local advisors to develop a comprehensive tax strategy for your global operations and investments. Our professionals have the expertise to advise on complex U.S. international tax issues and can help you develop an approach to ensure you are not paying tax on the same income in more than one jurisdiction and to ensure you take advantage of any credits or deductions that may be available to mitigate your tax leakage on a global basis.

“Sharon is well-versed in all areas of international tax and a capable adviser to companies looking to structure their global operations in a tax efficient manner.”


John Valencia

International Tax Director & Associate
Tax Counsel at Reckitt Benckiser, Inc